Creating a store

Creating your very own Home Brewed Outdoors shop is very easy!  This walk-though will take you step by step through the entire process, with examples and screen images along the way.

If you have made it to this far, that means you have signed up as a vendor and been approved.


Your next step will be to configure your actual store.  This will include entering your PayPal email address (that is how you will be paid), picking a store name, writing your store description and uploading your logo (if you have one).  To do this, you will need to access the Admin. Panel of your account.  The Admin. Panel is where you will setup many of your initial settings (such as taxes and shipping) and is also where you go to enter all your products.  To access this panel, you can click on the “Welcome, <your name>” near the top right of the screen.  This will take you to your main account screen.  From there, click on “Vendor Dashboard” and then “Store Settings.”  This will load the Admin Panel and your Store Settings, as seen below:

Store Setup Begin

On this screen you will need to fill in all the information.  We recommend being more descriptive for your “Store Description” than we were here.  🙂

Once you have completed filling out each section, click on “Save Settings.”  Two things will happen when you do this:

  1. You will notice the “Store URL” goes from “Not Created Yet” to an actual we address.  This new URL will be your unique store URL, and will take people to a store page with just your products on it.
  2. A new button will appear at the bottom of the page to upload a store logo.

You can see both of these items highlighted below:

Store Setup Complete


Uploading your logo is very simple! Once you have saved your store settings, you can click on the Upload Logo Image button below your Store Description. When you do, it will open your Media Library. This is where all of the images you have upload to Home Brewed Outdoors will be displayed. On the top left there will be a tab called “Upload Files.” Simply click on this to get to the upload screen. When that screen opens, you will be able to drop files from your computer into the uploader, or click on “Select Files” to open the explorer box to select your files. Once you have selected your file, it will automatically upload to Home Brewed Outdoors. Once it has fully uploaded, simply click on “Use Image” in the bottom right corner to add it as your logo.

media uploader