And Notifying Your Customer

You made your first sale, congratulations!  You’ve got the order all packed up and ready to ship, so all you have left to do in mark it as “Shipped” in your Vendor Control Panel, and add the tracking information so you customer can be notified!

The first step is to log into your Home Brewed Outdoors store, which will log you into your Vendor Control Panel.  From there you will notice your current orders at the bottom of the screen.  You will also be able to go directly to your orders by holding your mouse over “Sell” and clicking “Customer Orders.”  You will also notice a number next to the “Customer Orders” text, and this will tell you how many orders you have currently that are not marked as “Shipped.”

Order Details

To view an order in detail, simply click on the order number on your Vendor Dashboard. This will show you all of the products and quantities in the order, as well as the customer information.  From this screen, you can also enter the tracking number for the shipment, and mark the itme as shipped.  Once you have entered the tracking number, the customer will be sent an email letting them know you have shipped their products.  They will also be provided a link to track their shipment.

Order Notes

You also have a link called “Order Notes.”  You can use this to send a note to the customer.  All you have to do is type what you would like to say, and hit “Add Note.”  This will make sure they are sent an email with your message on it.

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