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Vendor Spotlight – TNT Baits

In the summer of 2005, a famous guide on the California Delta, Andy Cuccia, contacted Troyce Tailor to help design a jig that would “get back to basics.”  From this collaboration came Cooch’s Wadda Jig.  The simplicity of the jig quickly became a big hit, and Troyce knew they were on to something.  That is when TnT was born.

Since then, TnT has expanded their color selection, and also their product line to include football head jigs along with their own vibrating jig and even a mop jig.

Much like their original Wadda Jig, the TnT Football jig takes things back to the basics.  The jig is hand tied, using a living rubber skit, and features the same red eyes as the original Wadda Jig.  Taking the football jig one step further, TnT also has a line of football head jigs specific to spotted bass fishing, called the Dan Well’s M-80 Spotted Bass Jig.  The M-80 jig is built with a slightly smaller profile, to accommodate the smaller size of the spotted bass.  Originally designed for spotted bass fishing in the western US, these jigs have worked their way to the east coast, where lakes such as Lake Lanier have become famous for their outstanding spotted bass fishing.




  1. Since Cooch passed away, are they going to keep making the TNT jigs?

    1. Hey Rodney, right now that is up in the air. We've been trying to get confirmation either way, and have not been able to yet.


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