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Catching Concepts – FPC .5

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Tournament tested, Catching Concepts redwood bass crankbaits are hand crafted from select heartwood California redwood and have quality components, circuit board fiber diving lip, brass line tie with oval split ring, and VMC size 6 black nickel trebles.  Each bait is finished with a tough epoxy clear coat, to help protect the custom paint.

The FPC.5 series is a flat sided bait, weighing 3/8 ounce, with a body length of 1.5 inches.   Due to the dense heartwood redwood and very careful weighting, these baits have a slower rise than balsa crankbaits of this style.   These baits have a hard vibration, as it rolls side to side, with a solid head swing and tail kick.  This is a very versatile crankbait, and can be used as a sweep bait and finessed, or cranked fast to burn through the shallows.

Model  Length  Weight  Diving Depth 
FPC .5 1.5″ 3/8 oz 1 – 4 ft.
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