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Bass Snax Custom Baits – Darter


Great fished on a drop shot rig, shakey head, or as a trailer, the Bass Snax Custom Baits Darter is a versatile plastic that is sure to put fish in the boat!  Our Darter is just under 4″ long and 5/8″ wide at it’s widest. The Ribbed body has a unique concave shape that catches water and greatly adds to the erratic action and vibration the bait puts off.

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Bass Snax Custom Baits

Bass Snax Custom Baits is  a soft plastic bait company established in Northeastern PA that produces a line of baits made for fishermen by fishermen. These baits provide a Unique Blend of softness and durability. Made using a select mix of plastic , Salt, worm oil and scents, We are able to produce baits with life-like feel and action. Our baits are designed to catch the fish’s eye instead of the angler’s eye. Tournament tested and proven to help you get more bites.

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