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Bass Hound Crankbaits by Kip Carter – Meathead Square Bill

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If you live in the South East, and more specifically Georgia, there is a good chance you have heard the name Kip Carter.  If you happened to be standing in a Wal-Mart parking lot, waiting on your BFL pairings when you heard it, then I’m sure you heard a couple of groans from the crowd afterwards, and one very excited co-angler.  For those not familiar with Kip, he is one of the top anglers who fish the Wal-Mart Bulldog series BFL’s.  In his time, he has made two All Americans (finishing 3rd in one), been the points leader in the serises 3 times with 2 tournament wins and 28 top 10 finishes in 98 total tournaments, meaning there is a more than 1/4 chance Kip is going to show up in the top 10 in any FLW tournament he enters!

So why all the background on Kip?  Well, it’s to give you an idea of the kind of fishing talent that is carving these baits, and the type of reputation he is putting behind his baits.

These Bass Hound Crankbaits are carved from balsa wood and feature a lexan diving lip.  These are a flat sided bait, which you don’t see too often on a squre bill, and they are all hand carved and hand painted by Kip.  He stands behind this bait so much that he actually signs his name on every one.

The bait does not come with hooks, so you can choose the hook that you prefer. Kip recommends the #4 round bend Gamakatsu treble hooks for these baits, which can be purchased here.





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