Do I need an account to make a purchase?

No, you don’t need to sign up to purchase any products on Home Brewed Outdoors.  However, we suggest that you do!  Not only is it quick, easy, and free, but it will allow you to track the status of your orders.  It also allows you to add products to “My Tacklebox,” so you can easily view and purchase them later!

What is “My Tacklebox?”

On every product preview you will see a small tackle box, and the text “Tacklebox.”  Think of this just like a “Wishlist” on other sites.  If you see a product you really like, but are not going to purchase it right away, you can click on the “Tacklebox” link, and it will save it to your account (you must be registered with Home Brewed Outdoors, and logged into your account).

To access the products you have put into your “Tacklebox” simply click on the “Welcome, Your Name” at the top of the page to access your account page.  Then, click on the “My Tacklebox” link and you will be able to view, purchase or remove any of the products you have saved!  Plus, you can share the content of your tacklebox on many of the social media platforms!


What does “Sold By” mean?

Home Brewed Outdoors is an online marketplace that allows vendors to create their own online “Shops” and upload their own products.  We do have some inventory on hand, but most products will ship directly from the manufacturer.  “Sold by” is simply showing which vendor is responsible for shipping you which products.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Most vendors on Home Brewed Outdoors will carry an inventory of their products and will be able to ship right away!  However, some products will be made to order, and that will take some time.  Each vendor who makes products to order is encouraged to give a general time line on that product, so you have an idea of the time to manufacture.  Also, each product will have a contact form, that will allow you to contact the vendor directly.  If you need a product within a certain time frame, we encourage you to contact the vendor through that form.

Do products on Home Brewed Outdoors have a warranty?

Since Home Brewed Outdoors is a vendor marketplace, we do not actually manufacture any of the products appearing on our site.  Most products will come with a warranty, straight from the manufacturer, and many will have that warranty information displayed in the product information.  If you have any specific warranty questions, we encourage you to use the contact form on the product in question, and that will allow you to ask the manufacturer directly!

How do I handle a dispute with the seller?

Home Brewed Outdoors works very hard to screen each and every vendor on our marketplace.  With that said, we do understand that sometimes a disagreement will arise.  We encourage you to work directly with the seller to resolve any issues you may have.  If an agreement cannot be reached, we will be happy to look over the situation from both points of view and offer our opinion.  This will merely be a suggestion though, and is not binding to any party.  

We also use PayPal for 100% of our transactions.  Should you not be able to resolve an issue with a seller, you can open a Paypal dispute against that particular seller and potentially have your purchase price for that item refunded.  To do so, you will need to access your Paypal account, and locate the payment to that particular vendor.  One of the options within that transaction will be to file a dispute.  Paypal will contact the vendor, and make a determination based on their findings.

If you have any questions on doing this, we are more than happy to help!

I am having login issues, can you help?!?

For security purposes, Home Brewed Outdoors does not have access to your password, but if you have forgotten it, there are two links that will guide you in resetting it.  The first is on the top menu bar, in the “Login/Register” menu.  Simply hold your mouse over “Login/Register” and the login box will appear.  Below the “Login” button will be a link for lost passwords.  The second place to access this link will be to click on the “Login/Register” text in the top menu area.  That will take you to a login screen like the one below.  There will also be a link for retrieving lost passwords.  Both of those links are highlighted in yellow boxes below (click image to expand).

lost password

If a lost password is not your issue, feel free to use the Chat link in the bottom right of every page, or click here to drop us a line! 

I’m having an issue with Home Brewed Outdoors, how do I let you know?

First off, we are very sorry you are experiencing an issue.  We work very hard to make sure Home Brewed Outdoors is up and functioning 100% of the time.  But, sometimes we goof up and miss something, or a server decides to take the day off, an update doesn’t go as planned or we thought something was a good idea, and it really wasn’t!  No matter what issues you are having, we want to know about it, and we want to get it fixed yesterday!  We appreciate any feedback about our site, and you can use this page to let us know!

How much does it cost to sell on Home Brewed Outdoors?

That is a great question, and one we get a lot!  We do not charge any signup or monthly fees!  The only fee you will be charged is a 7% transaction fee for the total amount of sales you generate on Home Brewed Outdoors.  Since all payment processor will charge a fee, you will also be charged a fee from either Stripe or PayPal (depending on how the customer paid), and their fee is 2.9% +$.30/transaction.  At the time a customer purchases your product, you will receive the purchase price, minus these fees, instantly into your account. 

We also have what is called a “Minimum Annual Fee.”  This is the minimum amount of fees that must be paid each year in order for a shop to stay active on Home Brewed Outdoors.  Currently the minimum fee is $25/year.  If your shop does not generate $25 in transactions fees to Home Brewed Outdoors thorough the calendar year, the difference will be billed at the end of the year.  More information on this fee can be found in the FAQ question specific to it.

What is the “Minimum Annual Fee,” and how is it calculated?

The “Minimum Annual Fee” is the least amount a shop can pay in transaction fees through the course of a calendar year.  The reason we have this fee is to ensure the products on Home Brewed Outdoors are relevant to the interest of the public.  Since we do not have time limits on products and do not charge a per product fee, vendors have the ability to upload as many products as they wish.  This fee is an effort to minimize any “clutter” that may result from these policies, and also make sure vendors with active product listings are still active on the site.  We want vendors to share their creations, but we also want to make sure the products uploaded to Home Brewed Outdoors are of high quality, and the public has interest in them.

An example is below:

Shop A has a total of $1,000 in sales on Home Brewed Outdoors, generating $70 in transaction fees throughout the year.  At the end of the year, no additional fees would be due.

Shop B has a total of $100 in sales on Home Brewed Outdoors, generating $7 in transaction fees throughout the year.  At the end of the year, Shop B would be invoiced for $18.

When a vendor signs up on Home Brewed Outdoors, this fee is waived during the first calendar year they have a shop.  However, starting January 1 of the following year, after their first full year on Home Brewed Outdoors, vendors will be subject to this fee.


Where can I find walk throughs on setting up my shop?

We have created an entire support section for our vendors!  These pages outline every process and situation you may have to deal with while you are a Home Brewed Outdoors shop owner! Once you create a vendor account with Home Brewed Outdoors, you will have access to these pages! And, if you have any questions that are not covered, we are always more than happy to help!

How do I know when I’ve made a sale, and how do I get paid?

Great question, and straight to the point!  When you make a sale, you will get emailed immediately.  Also, at the time of the sale, you will receive a payment for your items (either in your bank account if the customer paid by credit card, or in your PayPal account if they paid via PayPal).  When you log into your Home Brewed Outdoors account, you can view all of your recent customer orders and see what their status is. You will also be able to update your customer’s order status at the time their item(s) have shipped, as well as add any notes for you or the customer.

How do I pay my Home Brewed Outdoors’ fees?

This is an easy one!  When a customer purchases a product, the transaction fee is automatically deducted!  There is nothing you will need to do!

I need help, and my question wasn’t answered here!

If you have any questions, feel free to use our contact form here or give us a call at 770-722-2772.  We will get back with you ASAP!