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We aren’t just another online outdoors site.  We ARE the premier site for real craftsmen.

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No matter if you are looking for a great product, or you build one, Home Brewed Outdoors is for you.


The back bone of Home Brewed Outdoors is our vendors; each one pouring their soul into the products they provide.

Here for you

Without you, we don’t exist, and we remind ourselves of that daily.  Any time you need support, we are here for you!


And How We Got Here

Home Brewed Outdoors started as Home Brewed Tackle.  Over the years, my wife and I spent time traveling around the south east, fishing and just having fun.  In our travels, we were always talking with tackle stores and local fishermen, trying to find what the hot baits of that area were.  Many times though, finding out the hot bait is only half the battle.  Sometimes if feels like you have a better chance of finding a unicorn, than that perfect color, hand poured worm, or custom carved crankbait.  Having been on many of these quests, my wife and I wanted to put together a site that specializes in those “local favorites,” making it easier for everyone to find and get their hands on.

To get the ball rolling, we started with what we knew, and that was the North GA, Alabama area.  Teaming up with a local soft plastics manufacturer, we started Home Brewed Tackle.  As the site grew in popularity, we began to expand our product line, but came across one major issue.  We were finding a lot of great products, but being a small business, we simply did not have the capital to purchase the amount of inventory we wanted.  As time went on, we began developing a list of vendors, and as we were able to grow, that became our “go-to” list for which products we wanted to stock next.

That worked for a while, but it also created another problem!  The list was growing much faster than the new inventory!  My wife and I got to thinking and knowing there had to be a better solution, Home Brewed Outdoors was born.  Now, we have created a place for these vendors to create their own “Storefront” and sell directly to the public!  We still carry inventory in house, but this new approach has provided an avenue to showcase much more product from a wider variety of vendors!

With the new site, we decided to also change up the name.  Since day one, we have wanted to expand into hunting and marine products.  Now we are able to offer products for any form of outdoor activity, and are no longer limited to just freshwater fishing!

As we developed the Home Brewed site, we were also approached by a local distributor, who asked if we could help in liquidating some overstock inventory.  Always being up for a challenge, we said, “Of course!” and Excessive Outdoors was born.  Since most of the products we come across on liquidation are name brand, we did not want to list them on Home Brewed, fearing they would tarnish the original intent of the site.  We launched ExcessiveOutdoors.com in May of 2014, specifically for selling liquidation and overstock products.  While our true passion is the “home brewed” products, who doesn’t love a good deal?


The People Behind the Scenes

Lindsay Wade

Lindsay is a graduate of Kennesaw State University, and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Home Brewed family of sites. Before devoting her full schedule to Home Brewed, she worked in the luxury car market, as a service adviser at a Land Rover dealership. While there, she learned the value of top notch customer service, and strives to ensure each and every one of our customers are taken care of. Lindsay enjoys catching, but not really fishing, so when the bite is slow, she will do her favorite thing, read a book. Lindsay is a fan of bow hunting though, and hopes to one day fulfill a dream of traveling to Washington for a moose hunt!

Chris Wade

At the age of 3, Chris was taken on his first fishing trip, and has been hooked ever since. Chris spent countless hours with his grandfather, floating around farm ponds, or sitting on a dock, catching anything that may bite. In high school, he began fishing father/son bass tournaments with his dad, and that is where the competitive bug bit him. Once he graduated from Georgia State University, tournament bass fishing became front and center, where Chris competed in a variety of tournaments, ranging from weekend BFL's, all the way to the B.A.S.S. Opens and FLW Tour. Chris works full time in the real estate industry in Atlanta, handling data and compliance issues for the local listing service. He is also involved in the development and minor programming of Home Brewed Outdoors.