Why Not?...It's Free!

$0 Set Up Fee

There is absolutely no fee to set up your own Home Brewed Outdoors store.

Unlimited Listings

List as many products as you like, there is no per-product fee.

No Fee's!

The only fee we will charge is a payment processing fee, and that is charged by the processor themselves (either Stripe or Paypal).  There is no fee from Home Brewed Outdoors to sell on the site!

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still not sure, keep reading about all the benefits of a Home Brewed Outdoors storefront!


  • Forget about building a website, we have done that for you! We take care of the hosting, page development, updates, maintenance and security!  Don’t know the difference in shared hosting and a VPS, unsure about SSL certificates or when to set them up?  Don’t worry!  All you have to worry about is building and selling your products. Not only does that save you time, it also saves you from paying a monthly hosting fee!
  • Want to run a special sale on your products?  You can!  Each vendor has the ability to create coupons for their products, allowing you to run as many sales as you wish!
  • Our table rate shipping allows you to charge shipping fees based on the total number of items a customer purchases from you, the total weight of the items purchased or the dollar value of those items!  Want to allow free shipping over a certain dollar amount like some of the big boys?  That’s no problem!
  • Calculating taxes is a breeze!  If your product prices do not include taxes, we’ve got you covered!  We use the Avalara tax rate tables to automatically calculate the correct tax, based on your location and the buyers location.  Prices already include tax?  Then you can disable tax collection with a single click!
  • Want a unique URL?  Purchase any URL you would like, and simply forward it to your Home Brewed Outdoors store URL.  If you are unsure how to do that, we are happy to help!


  • When a buyer purchases one of your items, you are notified through email and also on your Home Brewed Outdoors storefront!
  • Buyers can pay through a credit card entered directly on Home Brewed Outdoors, or through their PayPal account.  As soon as a customer purchases your products, you will be notified, and the payment for your products will be sent directly to your account!    
  • Vendor and Customer information is protected via a SSL certificate, to ensure it is not seen by prying eyes.


  • Each time a buyer purchases your product, you will receive payment for your items instantly!  The only fee charged is the processors fee, which is typically 2.9% + $.30.  Home Brewed Outdoors never charges a fee to sell!


  • If you have ANY questions or issues, we are here for you!  We bust our “you know whats” for our vendors.
  • We have created walk-throughs for every aspect of our vendor stores, ensuring setup is a breeze!  Once you have created a vendor account, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge from setting up your shop, to taking photos and shipping products!  
  • Whenever you enter a new product, it will be featured on the Home Brewed Outdoors homepage, and we are always posting about our vendors on social media!
  • Any advertising we do for Home Brewed Outdoors is also FREE advertising for you!  We are active on many forums, as well as social media.  Any potential customers we drive to our site are there to see your products!
  • When you need support, we are there for you!  We offer telephone and email support.
  • We have developers on standby, in case there is ever an issue, to ensure there will be minimal interruption of your Home Brewed Outdoors storefront.

Connect with Us


  • If you’re not tech savvy,or just not interested in a website, we also have a  fulfillment service through the Home Brewed Outdoors storefront.  Click here for more details on our fulfillment services.
  • Store set up and product photography services are also available.  Just contact us if you have any requests! You can see a portfolio of product shots we have taken here.


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4,5)!

Step 1: Sign Up

They always say the first step is the hardest.  Luckily we have made that first step very easy!  In less than 1 minute you can be signed up with your very own Home Brewed Outdoors account.  There is no fee, and if you don’t like what you see, you are not obligated to anything!

Click HERE to Register, or if you’re still not sure, keep reading about how easy it is to setup your very own shop!

Step 2: Create Your Shop

Once your vendor application has been approved (this usually takes 24 hours), we will send you a notice letting you know you can begin building your shop.  This may sound like a daunting task, but it’s very easy and straight forward!  The only information we need from you to set up a store is your store name, a brief description about your store and your logo (if you have one) and your payment information.  That’s it!  Once you fill that information in, we will give you your official store web address, and you’re only a few more steps away from being up and running!

Step 3: Shipping Fee's

After you have set up your actual shop, it’s time to decide on your shipping fees.  You are able to calculate your shipping fees based on one of three variables: the total dollar amount of items in a customer’s cart, the total weight of your items in a customer’s cart or the total number of your items in a customer’s cart.  You will be able to build a tiered pricing table based on one of these criteria, to ensure that you are always compensated correctly for the shipping of your items.

Want to provide free shipping?  You can do that too!  Just enter $0 for your shipping fee, and your items will all ship for no additional charge to your customer!

Step 4: Taxes

Taxes are handled for you automatically!  Based on your stores address, we will compare that to the buyers address, and automatically calculate the necessary tax.  We use the most up to date tax tables from Avalara to ensure all of the rates are correct!

Step 5: Add Your Products

Now that your shop is all set up, and shipping and taxes are being calculated to your specifications, it’s time to add your first product!  There are two different product types available on Home Brewed Outdoors: simple and variable.  A simple product is one that doesn’t have any options, like a one size fits all hat.  A variable product, on the other hand, allows you to have a main product with multiple options.  A couple examples would be a plastic worm that comes in various colors, or t-shirts that come in various sizes and colors.  It is possible to create one product with multiple variations to it, allowing for easier product management for you, and convenient shopping for your customers!

So what are you waiting for?